We are reflexologists and devoted scientists that believe in scientific information. We work to bring to reflexologists and the public the research there is on reflexology. Our editorial picks are research papers and other prestigious publications that add scientific weight to our profession.

We do not claim to be impartial, we love reflexology!

Although we will bring you papers that do not show that reflexology is effective, our focus is to bring forward published scientific research on reflexology that support our belief that reflexology is an excellent complementary method.

Our entire site should be viewed as an ongoing effort, promoting all documentation on reflexology with a focus on valid and sound research papers.

reflexology research έρευνα ρεφλεξολογίας

We are funded and supported by the Center of Reflexology and Research (Κέντρο Ρεφλεξολογίας και Έρευνας) in Greece. You can be trained to become a reflexologist in the Center of Reflexology and Research in a 2 year course that is currently only in Greek.

You can find Greek reflexologists in our affiliated site Reflexologist.gr.