We are getting ready for you!

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Thank you for being patient. We are building the site and will be up and functioning before August 2020!

In the mean while, the Reflexology Report is going to be the place to find all scientific research on reflexology in English. We will be mentioning with links and FULL TEXTS all research out there that mention reflexology in their conclusions.

Our goal is to be the go-to place on the internet for reflexology research!

To this end we will team up with 5 kinds of  volunteers:

  1. CURATORS - Reflexologists with some minimal experience in research that will bring in the research.

  2. EDITORS - Reflexologists and scientists from all health fields that have dealt with or are dealing with the field of reflexology that will help us properly and scientifically publish new research on reflexology.

  3. RESEARCHERS - Any reflexology research done in the field, if it is done with high fidelity, high scientific standards and with respect to the definitions of reflexology, we will support and promote. Even if we were not the ones that first published your report, we can help you promote it, and in time we hope to be able to help you even find funding.

  4. WP ENGINEERS- We will need some help in filling in all the date that our first 3 teams bring in, into our formats in a easy to read and SEO friendly way. Knowledge of copyright rules will be needed.

  5. FUNDING EXPERTS - please call us at +302109852813 to apply.

We are currently recruiting CURATORS! If you want to be a Reflexology Research Curator please fill in our application form and we will get back to you. http://eepurl.com/gtnZFP
Fill in the form even if you are not interested in being a curator, we will contact you when we are ready to welcome you!